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Tatar etno rock/jazz band was founded in 1992 by Deniz Bedretdin to bring contemporary and alternative music to the tatar culture in their language

KAZAN GRUPPASI BEDRETDIN (KGB) has released its first album in April 2003.
The title is TATARSTAN POYEZI (KGB 2003) produced by Akbazar Oy.
KGB had CD released from their tour in Callî, Moscow and Helsinki in April 2003. The tour title was we hear voices- bez tavış işetäbez

In the album, there are two international musicians as guests. Zulya Kamalova, vocal and Jukka Tolonen, guitar.

The members of the group:

· Marcel Bagautdin, guitar, takes care of most of the guitarleads in the band. (Kazan)
· Dmitri Kaplev, bass guitar, great Beatles and Paul McCarthy fan. (Kazan)
· Konstantin Kuznetsov, drums and percussion, makes things swing using almost anything as a beat instrument. (Kazan)
· Valodya Zarov, keyboards and vocals, the true romantic of the band and an excellent music arranger. (Kazan)
· Gleb Antonov, saxophones and vocals, the bandleader and a great fan of Charlie Parker. Second important job for Gleb is being the 1st Bariton singer in Kazan Opera. (Kazan)
· Deniz Bedretdin, vocals and guitar, songwriter, founder and leader of the band. (Helsinki)

The other members who have been in the band and developed the sound are

· Jari Paulamäki, bass guitar (Helsinki)
· Sabit Nasretdin, drums and percussions (Helsinki)
· Alexey Golovin, bass guitar (Kazan)
· Rafael Bederdinov drums and percussions (Kazan)
· Marat Nigmatullin, bass guitar (Kazan)

Deniz Bedretdins biograph in music

Deniz (bass guitar) founded his first band in 1967 together with the brothers Rauf ( guitar) and Akif (drums) Beshar. Batu Alkara (guitar) joined the band a year later. The band was called The Sounds of Tsingishan and played tatar folk music with western influence.
Bands first album Bïznïñ Bïlen was released in 1975 and was recorded by Balkîr and Zekiye Hamid.
The album was mainly instrumental. However, some songs were sung by Dina Abdul and Hamide Caydam.
On the second album Sagînam Duslarîm 1979 Erat Hairedin (clarinet) and Kerim Şakir (guitar) joined the band. Dina Abdul continued on vocals.

From 1973 January till 1976 Deniz (bass guitar) played simultaneously in a Finnish rock band called The Hawks. The other members were Ari Enzio Juutilainen (vocals and guitar), Kari Nyyssönen (hammond, piano) and Kyösti Ikonen (drums).

Başkarma ansamble was founded in 1985, Dina (Abdul) Asis vocals and Batu Alkara, Kerim Şakir and Deniz Bedretdin on acoustic guitars performing contemporary tatar folk music.
The ansamble was a big success in Kaustinen Folk Music Festival in 1986. Their concerts in Kaustinen were broadcasted by the nationwide Finnish TV and radio,YLE.
Betül Hairetdin (vocals) joined the band in 1988.
In 1989 they made a historical visit to the city of Kazan and surroundings. They gave several concerts, which all were a huge success. Local TV and radio stations interwied the Band.

Kizleü album was released in Finland, January 1991. The new members were Sabit Nasretdin (drums) and Jari Paulamäki (bass guitar), who also recorded the album. Erat Hairedin continued on clarinet and flute.
The Album was released in Moscow and St.Petersburg in November the same year, together with successful concerts.
The concerts were also noticed by nation wide TV in C.I.S.
The Başkarma ensambles last public concert was in 1992.

All the three albums were gathered on to a double CD called Mişär Tatar Halîk Köyläre Folk Music (MITA-100).
The CD is produced by Akbazar Oy.

The influence of the music arrangemants of these Finnish Tatars can still be heard in todays popular tatar music all over the C.I.S. countries.

In August 1992 Deniz was invited to participate in the Gala Concert in Kazan Opera. This concert was to celebrate the first World Tatar Kongress, also held in Kazan.
Tatars all over the world got together for the first time in their history.
Deniz was the only foreigner outside of Russia and C.I.S. who performed in this concert.
This concert was also the birth of the KGB band because the musicians with Deniz on the stage were Gleb Antonov (saxophone), Konstantin Kuznetsov (percussions), and Yaznur Garipov (guitar).
The song Deniz performed was written by himself Spekulantlarga sälamnär.

From 1993 the KGB band has been arranging tatar folk music with progressive rock influences and at the same time Deniz started to write his own music in tatar language.
The Band has had several concerts in Kazan and visited places like St.Petersburg, Neftekamsk, Callî, Helsinki, Järvenpää and Kaustinen.
Their first performance in Moscow was in April 2003.

From the beginnig not only tatars but also other nationality groups in Kazan have shown great interest in the bands music.

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